Global distribution

Wholesaler of branded pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Wellchem Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical wholesale company with its headquarters and facilities situated in Singapore. We are a well-established and dynamic operation with a firm focus on sourcing and supplying of international brands of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We have nearly 40 years of experience in this sector and have become a leading supplier of pharmaceuticals and medical devices across the globe at very competitive pricing. Furthermore, due to several years of experience in the field, we have become the preferred supplier of hard-to-find products or products in short supply.

Suppliers and clients

Our products are sourced from the most reliable and competitively priced countries in order to secure the most optimal solution and pricing for you. All deliveries go through our warehouse for proper quality inspection and packing in order to offer you consolidated shipments designed to match your needs.

Our clients include international wholesalers, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, NGOs and governments.

Do contact us if you have a product that you think we may be interested in, or if there is a product which we can source for you.

Global distribution

Distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in
Singapore and Thailand

Wellchem Pharmaceuticals is the official distributor of a wide range of products from the US, European, and Japanese markets. We have been in the business for several decades, giving us the competitive edge when it comes to building and maintaining strong relations with the local clinics, pharmacies and hospitals.

Our team of experienced pharmacists, marketers and sales representatives are resourceful, motivated and always in tune with the latest medical updates, granting us the ability to understand and adapt to the constantly changing medical climate.

Our focus in Singapore, and recently in Thailand with a new office set up in Chiang Mai, is in a selected few therapeutic areas such as anti-inflammatory and mucolytic, orthopaedics and gastroenterology. Click here to read more on the products we carry.

If you would like to find out more on how you can market your products in Singapore, Thailand and in the SE Asia region through us, do contact us now.

About us

Wellchem Pharmaceuticals was established in 1975. Headquartered in Singapore and with a rich history of over 40 years in
the pharmaceutical market, Wellchem has established a strong and wide network of customers and suppliers in the Asian region and also in the Middle Eastern and European countries.

Global Distribution

Global Distribution

Wholesaling of all and any pharmaceutical
items globally.

Global Distribution

Local Distribution

Local distribution of various medicines and medical devices in the Singapore market.

Partnering with us

Operating from our headquarters in Singapore, Wellchem is a wholesaler of all and any pharmaceutical items globally. Our expertise lies in competitive pricing, a strong network of suppliers and buyers, and understanding of the different regulations in each country. Contact us now, if you need us to source for a pharmaceutical item, or if you have a product which may be of interest to us and our buyers.

We are also a distributor of various medicines and medical devices in Singapore and in Thailand. Contact us now, if you are ready to collaborate with us to market your products to these markets.

Ready to collaborate with us?

Our products

Wellchem Pharmaceuticals is the official distributor in Singapore for the products highlighted in this section. Products sold globally by our wholesaling division are not featured here.

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