Dilatan Plus is a cyro-thermal anal dilator available in 5 different sizes. Dilatan Plus consists of an inert plastic shell with a large disk at the base to allow the patient to grip the device easily. Each sealed dilator contains a thermal jelly which, when heated or cooled, maintains the dilator temperature during use.

Dilagent® is a soft silicone anal dilator. It is indicated for the treatment of anorectal diseases caused by a hypertonic sphincter, namely anal fissures, haemorrhoids and painful spasms after surgical treatment of the anorectal segment. It is also effectively used in cases of postsurgical stenosis of the anal canal.

The Self.Led.Light disposable proctoscopes


The Self.Led.Light disposable proctoscopes are supplied with a built-in LED light, enabling examinations and minor therapeutic procedures to be performed in a non-specialist out-patients department, on the ward or at home. LED lighting can be performed by pulling out the transparent strip, guaranteeing the same light intensity for two hours usage. (they are also available in versions without built-in LED lights).

Disposable haemorrhoid ligation suction and banding instructment complete with 3 rings


The LEM Disposable Haemorrhoid Banding Ligators are a unique, patented design made from a light, tough polymer. It is a single-patient product available in 2 variants: for use with suction unit, or grasping forceps, LEM comes with a ring loader and 3 to 5 rings. The LEMs are designed for use with the Sapi Med Self Light operative proctoscopes.

Disposable rectoscopes


These disposable rectoscopes with built-in LED lights and air insufflators can be used by specialists either in out-patient clinics or in operating rooms (sterile versions). Each tube has a grip with magnifying lens, connector for insufflator, air insufflators and builair sufflatorst-in LED light source. (Available in sterile and non-sterile versions).

The SelfSuction LEM is a single-patient device for suction band ligation of haemorrhoids. No need for an external surgical aspirator.

The Beak protocopes are instruments with a uniquely innovative design feature. The closed, rounded tip allows for introduction of the scope directly into the anus, needing no separate introducer. The Beak offers the specialist the opportunity of clearly and satisfactorily exposing one fourth of the circumference of the anal and rectal ampulla. Available in non-sterile and sterile type.