Our Team

Winthrop Wong

Winthrop lived and worked in Australia for 10 years and has since returned to Singapore and established a successful pharmaceutical business as a second-generation pharmacist. He deals with all kinds of pharmaceutical products including surgical orthopaedic implants, biologics, radiation oncology products, respiratory products, disposables and innovative eyedrops. His expertise also includes surgical masks, gloves and vitamins that are used in many major hospitals. He often trains different medical professionals including doctors, nurses and pharmacists on various medical topics.

Geraldine Lim
General Manager

Geraldine has spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with skillsets honed in sales, marketing, consumer healthcare and strategic planning. She manages the general management of the company from marketing, finances, to recruiting key talents and is also instrument in launching new and innovative products through extensive R&D. She also has vast experience in OTC, consumer products and keeps abreast with the ever evolving technological advancements in digital marketing, including Google, Facebook advertising, e-commerce platforms, social media management and more.

Ruth Wong

Ruth founded Wellchem Pharmaceuticals in 1975 with her late husband, Frederick Wong. Pioneers in the Singapore pharmaceutical industry, Ruth has steadfastly built a strong and solid reputation amongst international wholesalers and distributors in the pharmaceutical industry, sourcing for hard-to-find medicines and products and making them available in countries where these specialised medications are needed.