Thermoplastic Masks

Orfit Nanor Masks blend small nanoparticles into the material to establish an ultra-rigid internal structure that allows a very strong mask with a thickness of only 1.6mm to be created.

Orfit’s HP PRO Solution is the first immobilization device in the market that utilizes the ultra-thin Nanor masks known for its high precision immobilization with greater comfort and stabilitiy.

Base Plates

AIO Solution facilitates and refines treatments by limiting potential changes in the patient position to a minimum.

Orfit SBRT Solution provides a precise, stable and easy to use setup that allows the application of the most effective radiation treatment.

The MammoRx Breast Board allows you to easily immobilize patients in a comfortable and reproducible way. The carbon fibre system meets and exceeds changing needs of radiation therapists. It is thin, strong and light and features lower attenuation levels.

Prone Breast

Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution immobilizes the hips of the patient and keeps the patient securely in place during the treatment of the breast.