Leftose Max Lozenges


Leftose Max Lozenges

Great-tasting, sugar-free lozenges to soothe your throat naturally.

Leftose® Lozenges

Leftose® Lozenges provides effective relief for sore throat and is available in 2 great tasting flavours, honey lemon and blackcurrant.

Real Relief, Real Fast.
2-in-1 natural, sugar-free, non-drowsy remedy

Unlike many lozenges products which contain high amount of sugar that are sold over the counter today, Leftose® lozenges is a sugar-free formula. These lozenges are made with a natural enzyme – Lysozyme, found naturally in the human body and helps clear the lungs and soothe the throat.

For more info, please visit www.leftose.com.
*Not suitable for individuals with egg allergies.

Available in clinics and all major retail pharmacies.

Key Features & Benefits

Natural – made with Lysozyme, a natural enzyme found in human body in tears, saliva, and breastmilk.

Helps soothe sore throats



Added Vitamin C & Zinc for Blackcurrant flavour

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