Finger Splints

3pp® Oval-8 Finger Splints are a simple and cost effective solution to stablize the DIP and PIP joints without inhibiting finger and hand function.

3pp® Buddy Loops® eliminate excess bulk between fingers for increased comfort. Great for fast application and comfortable healing.

3pp® ThumSling® Flexible wraparound thumb sling “hugs” the CMC joint to reduce subluxation and grinding pain.

Thermoplastic Splints

Orfit Classic are the most precise and reliable thermoplastic material for physical rehabilitation.

Orfit Orficast is a unique, textile-like thermoplastic orthotic fabrication material on a roll that offers high comfort for your patients and is very easy to use.

Orfit Colors comes in beautiful metallic and bright colours to boost patients’ morale and improve patient compliance.

Orfit NS is ideal for all splint types. It has unlimited potential for fabrication of very large to very small orthoses, allows temporary bonding during fabrication and direct moulding onto bandages and cotton linings in post-surgical conditions.

Multifit NS addresses all of your orthotic fabrication needs across pathologies and across patients while offering maximum ease of use.