Thermoplastic Splints

Orfit Colors NS

Thermoplastic Splints

Orfit Colors NS

Orfit Colors comes in beautiful metallic and bright colours to boost patients’ morale and improve patient compliance.

Orfit Colors NS are made to precisely mold to any shape and can be easily re-molded with localized heating. The material has a non stick coating that prevents clinging but allows surface to be pinched together for a temporary bond. It can also be permanently bonded by removing some areas of the non-stick coating first.

These supportive braces can be used to splint a variety of body parts. The thick, smooth Orfit Colors are ideal for injuries that cover larger areas such as the arms or legs. And the thin, perforated Orfit Colors are ideal for hand, finger, and pediatric splints.

Key Features & Benefits

Unique painter’s palette of metallic and bright colours with a nice high gloss and shiny surface finish
Non-stick coated material
Excellent stretch (1000 %) without tearing
Excellent elastic memory
Easy to trim edges
Available in pre-cuts

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