Miriqa® Hair Extra Strength


Miriqa® Hair Extra Strength

Power-packed with all the clinically proven nutraceuticals to deliver hair growth, in extra doses. Clinic-Exclusive.

Miriqa® Extra Strength Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement (Clinic-Exclusive)

Miriqa® Hair Extra Strength is made from 100% drug-free nutraceutical ingredients that has been clinically-proven to improve hair growth.
Strengthen. Multiply. Shine. And keep it Growing.

Botanicals in Miriqa® Hair Extra Strength provide a unique therapeutic effect because of their multi-modal clinical-biological activity against against multiple root causes of hair loss.

Made from Tocotrienol, Tripeptide Collagen, Saw Palmetto Berries, Keratin Forte, Biotin, Curcumin Bio-max and KSM-66 Winter Cherry – all the essential foundations of healthy, luscious hair. 60 capsules/1 month supply. Suitable for men and women.

Available exclusively at clinics.

Key Features & Benefits

Increase Hair Growth
Thicken Hair Shafts
Rejuvenate Hair Follicles
Improve Hair Quality
Promote Hair Shine
Strengthen Hair & Nails

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