ACTIfit® is a biodegradable, synthetic scaffold made from proprietary polymer, designed to help restore meniscal function and tissue loss.

Irreparable major meniscal tears pose a very difficult problem in the young and active patients. It is extremely important to preserve the meniscus to avoid degenerative knee joint progression. Increased awareness of potentially detrimental outcomes following partial meniscectomy led to the development of a novel meniscal scaffold, Actifit®.

Regenerate Meniscal Tissue, Restore Knee Function

Actifit® has been shown to be a safe, effective implant, for the treatment of patients with pain as a result of segmental medial meniscus loss at 2 years [1, 2]. It supports the in-growth of new “meniscus like” tissue with the aim of alleviating postmeniscectomy knee pain and preventing further articular cartilage degeneration, thus improving the function of the patient’s knee [2] and maintaining the active lifestyle.

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ACTIFIT helps facilitate the human body’s natural healing process by providing a scaffold to fill the injured area and allow blood flow and cells to stimulate new tissue growth.

Partial meniscectomy outcomes can result in chronic knee pain, arthritis, and a dramatic increase in the risk of a future knee replacement. The Actifit meniscal scaffold is intended for young and active patients suffering from symptoms after partial meniscal tissue loss. Over time, the bioabsorbable scaffold is replaced with new tissue growth to support the function of the meniscus.

Key Features & Benefits

Porous honeycomb structure that facilitates tissue regeneration from the vascularized portion of the meniscus
Anatomic design & custom fit for medial or lateral meniscus configurations
Strong, flexible material for reliable handling and suture fixation
Biocompatible, slowly degrading polymer that facilitates tissue remodelling

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