JointRep is an injectable biopolymer hydrogel designed to improve the standard of care for cartilage repair procedures, in a minimally-invasive way.

JointRep® is the first ce-mark injectable implant to fill any size articular defect(s), preserve cartilage, reduce pain, and delay joint replacement where possible.

JointRep®‘s mechanical property, liquid at room temperature and solid at body temperature, has been designed for a convenient and ease-of-use handling during arthroscopy. It is an ideal product for completing any arthroscopy procedure with added-benefit to the patient.

JointRep® is approved for treatment of articular defect and could be used in knee, hip, ankle, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and extremities. Not to be confused with visco-supplementation, JointRep® is a bio-adhesive void-filling cartilage defect(s) and both products are complementary.

JointRep® is prepared and implanted at the defect site(s) in less than three minutes and solidifies immediately, with the purpose of bridging with healthy anatomical boundaries.

Key Features & Benefits

Gel at room temperature and solid at body temperature.
Shape-able cartilage filler that cements in minutes.
Fills any size articular defect including knees, ankles, elbows and wrists
Treats multiple defects within the same procedure including kissing lesions.
Flows across defects such that the whole defect shape is filled.
Cements in minutes and requires no waiting after injection to begin closing.
To create a matrix with the proper micro-environment that allows cells and growth factors to encourage the formation of new layers of Type II collagen.

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