Lumecare Eyelid Wipes


Lumecare Eyelid Wipes

Cleansing wipe pre-soaked with preservative-free and detergent-free physiological solution. Suitable for babies and adults.

Lumecare® Eyelid Wipes

Maintains eyelid and eyelash hygiene, eradicates dry eye related issues and revives tired eyes.

Maintanence and Hydration

Preservative and detergent free, no ocular irritation or disrupt of the tear film. Gently cleans away debris and crust even on the most sensitive eyes. Safe for all ages, including babies.

Key Features & Benefits

Effectively cleans away debris and dirt on eyelids and eyelashes without irritating the eyes
Eradicates dry eye related issues, especially those caused by blepharitis
Relieves itchiness and leaves a cooling effect to eyes after every wipe

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